How does it work?

VeganWay is a printed book, with different partners that offer vegan products or services. By having a VeganWay you can get an offer, indicated on each of their pages.

  • Offer: you can use each offer once (it is registered in the correspondent page with a signature, stamp or other)
  • Validity: VeganWay can be used during the whole year of 2020! At your pace, you can get to know or revisit places, products or services by places that already embraced the biggest global movement.
  • Mandatory condition: in places that are not completely vegan, the offer is only valid for vegan products or services.

1. Buying and Activating VeganWay

After acquiring VeganWay on this website or at one of our partners, it is necessary to activate it. After activation you’re going to receive a code that you must write on page 3 of VeganWay.

2. Go to one of our Partners and enjoy the vegan wonders, indicanting you have a VeganWay.

3. Show the Partner’s page on VeganWay to register the offer.