It was in 2004 that I started a change in my lifestyle by not eating animals for ethical reasons. Nowadays I do not consume anything of animal origin or that involves their use. And to show that it is possible and increasingly easier I created the page @veggiefriendlyportugal, where I mostly share restaurants, cafes, etc., that are strictly vegetarian or have options.

VeganWay is born of this desire to bring the curious and interested in the vegan lifestyle together with those who are dedicated to creating 100% vegetable products and services that help in a day-to-day that excludes animal exploitation. Since I consider veganism a lifestyle, it is not just food that matters, so I wanted this guide to cover various aspects of everyday life. VeganWay is the result of a lot of dedication, hard work and love and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy it!

Rita ❤